About Us

Upon one of many trips to the Okanagan searching out his retirement home,

Thomas Hussey (chef/restaurant owner and business man) Made a life changing trip through Lumby BC to Cherryville, where he found his new place to call home.


In the year 2010 he sold his business in Chase BC, retired, and he, his partner and granddaughter, moved, lock stock and barrel to the beautiful Okanagan where they now reside. Many times when he drove through the town of Lumby, a little business caught his eye and he would often say "that would be an awesome little restaurant".

It became evident that his love for cooking had not been extinguished by retirement and when that little restaurant came up for sale, he could not resist the temptation. In Sept 2017 The little restaurant became a reality. Thomas, along with his family, took the little place apart and totally renovated the little place, taking out walls, replacing floors, rebuilding and replacing old equipment, making it " his own".

Dec 04, 2017, Ana's Pizza Opened its doors once again, this time Under the new ownership Of Thomas and his family. The Love for cooking is apparent in the food that he prepares. Fresh dough daily, and his own homemade Italian sausage. Fresh ground beef with his own tantalizing spices. Made from scratch marinara sauce, lasagna and fettuccini Alfredo. Fresh prepared produce and Quality Saputo cheese. Freshly roasted chicken and seasoned roast. The list goes on. Sure it all takes a little bit longer, But the wonderful Little town of Lumby has spoken loudly showing their approval and appreciation for his work, making Ana's Pizza "THE place to eat in Lumby"

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